PisonFunctional Platforms

Safeguarding the value of your equipment.

PisonFunctional is a ground-breaking addition to Pison’s family of patented, proprietary technologies. This new class of clear coat platforms is designed to expertly integrate with both liquid and powder coatings for the preservation of functional and industrial equipment.

It is the first coating series to incorporate the Powder Coating Plus+ feature, which enables our formulas to be liquefied for use in any solvent-based coating process.

Their versatility allows for a diverse range of applications, including: original equipment manufacturers, manufacturing facilities, automotive and agricultural markets, aerospace and aviation markets, bridge and civil construction markets, marine and watercraft markets, and industrial environments and products.

PisonFunctional Clear Coat Product Line

The pristine choice of transparent solutions.

Our clear coat product line has been tested and proven to surpass the rigid demands of environmental and safety standards.

Every product is free of VOC substances considered hazardous and known to emit carcinogens as well as other environmental toxins that could jeopardize your business.


Wide array of product types.

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Clean chemistry with multifaceted advantages.

Resistant to scratching, corrosion, weathering, UVs, chemicals and external impact.

Prolongs color and factory finishes.

Specially formulated with non-VOCs (non-volatile organic compounds).

Provides improved flexibility in coating applications.

Applicable to both powder and liquid mediums.


Outrivaling industry standards.

PisonFunctional products routinely exceed the standards of competing brands in performance, value and versatility. An entire collection of similar products is required to achieve the same broad span of results as any single PisonFunctional platform.

Featured/Benefits PCC418000-C PCC19003-A PCC29004-R Other Brands
Base Coat N/A Superior N/A Fair
Top Coat Superior Superior Superior Good
Scratch Resistant Superior Superior Superior Fair
Corrosion Resistant Superior Superior Superior Fair
Weather Resistant Superior Superior Superior Good
UV Resistant Superior Superior Superior Fair
Chemical Resistant Superior Superior Superior Fair
Impact Resistant Superior Superior Superior Fair
Pencil Hardness Superior Superior Superior Fair
Surface Flexibility Excellent Superior Excellent Fair
Industrial Durability Superior Excellent Excellent Fair
Interior Applications Excellent N/A N/A N/A
Exterior Applications Superior Superior Superior Fair
Multifunctional Savings Superior Superior Superior N/A
PisonFunctional Coating Platform ratings are based on industry standard testing performance data. Pison product formulations routinely surpass all minimum requirements, thus ranking high than average threshold standards of competitors in all appropriate categories of beneficial functions, including the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the industry international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products and systems, included are: ASTM D2794-93; ASTM D3363-92a; ASTM D3359-97; ASTM D522-93a; ASTM B117-97; ASTM G154; ASTM D4060-14

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Need a custom powder coating solution?

Our PisonBespoke division can reformulate any of our Functional product platforms with made-to-order colors, finishes, and applications.